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Volunteer State Community College
  • Position Number: 1612637
  • Location: Gallatin, TN
  • Position Type: Science - Chemistry

Science Laboratory Technician
Volunteer State Community College

Position Summary: The Science Laboratory Technician will be responsible for overseeing and assisting with laboratory setups, maintenance of equipment, and other duties as assigned. Duties may include preparing specimens, media and equipment, making chemical solutions, and breaking down labs when they are complete. Daily schedule is reasonably flexible within constraints of class schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Travel to off-site locations on a regular basis to maintain conditions in those labs in a manner consistent with the duties specified below.

Notify Manager of EH&S regarding any changes in the lab that may affect the Chemical Hygiene Plan for the Science Department.

Ensure that laboratories and prep areas are kept secure and keep records of conditions regulated by OSHA concerning the public Health Security and the Bioterrorism Preparedness Act of 2002.

Maintain current chemical inventory of all materials - Ensure that Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) for all new material are added to the college database. Ensure that all material is properly stored based on compatibility, class and amount.

Assist instructors in preparation of laboratory examinations by providing frequently requested items (analytical tools, sets of standards, slides, specimens, etc.).

Assist with registration, conference, math contest, science fairs, plant sales, Science Olympiad, Science Expo, etc. as requested by the Dean or Department Chair(s).

Assist faculty in construction of new equipment and maintenance of existing equipment.

Assist in design of physical laboratory space to best meet instructional needs.

Attend staff orientation, in-service, campus professional development, and Division / Department meetings as requested by the Dean or Department Chair(s).

Attend workshops, continuing education courses, and related courses, etc., related to chemical handling, storage, and disposal (e.g., Chemical Hygiene Officer Certification).

Check the condition of preserved specimens and replace preservative as needed; care for all living and preserved specimens.

Take the lead on chemical spill clean-up. Ensure that chemical spills kits are maintained. Document spills and report large spills (greater than 5 gallons) to Manager of EH&S.

For everyday housekeeping, work with and notify the custodial department when their services are needed.

Communicate regularly with Dean and Chair(s) and keep them apprised of schedule issues, workload concerns, and any problem that hampers the efficient, smooth operation of laboratories.

Properly manage chemical wastes in compliance with applicable standards and the Department Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Ensure faculty ease of access to all laboratory facilities, equipment, and prep room, within reasonable constraints.

Keep balances, pH meters, spectrophotometers and other such laboratory equipment in good working order, as skill and knowledge permit.

Maintain inventory of chemicals, lab stock and lab equipment. Prepare lists of supplies and equipment needed with stock numbers, prices, amounts, receive supplies and process all related paperwork. Conduct periodic inventory of equipment at all teaching sites and recommend purchase of supplies and equipment. Process bids and purchasing for chemicals and other supplies.

Maintain a proper and safe environment for classes meeting in laboratories.

Test safety equipment like eye washes and showers at a frequency that is in compliance with the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Monitor and report safety protocol (improper clothing or shoes, failure to use proper PPE, etc.) violations to superiors.

Initiate repair and/or replacement orders as needed to maintain AV equipment, etc. in good working order.

Maintain records concerning loaned equipment on the appropriate form and secure the appropriate signatures; pursue equipment not returned in a timely manner.

Maintain security over a basic set of tools used to repair laboratory equipment.

Operate autoclave, still, other equipment and instruments as required. Clean autoclave regularly and document cleaning schedule.

Practice safety, environmental, and/or infection control methods. Maintain First Aid supplies in all laboratory First Aid kits.

Prepare lab kits for courses that require them.

Prepare laboratory utilization schedules for each semester including course, section number, and instructor name and post on board outside each laboratory. Maintain these files on the computer in the shared area or in shared Outlook Calendars. Assist Chair(s) with scheduling laboratory course sections as requested.

Prepare, replenish, and test laboratory materials (including solutions); maintain supplies and equipment; set up and test experiments and equipment (repair if necessary/possible or report for repair/replacement), replace worn and illegible labels on reagent bottles, prepare growth media, assist in maintaining laboratory organism cultures.

Assist in making an Open Lab schedule. Monitor that students are not in lab without supervision. Allow access for them to enter to retrieve lost items.

Recommend improvements in the laboratory program to Chair(s) or faculty. Laboratory Technicians have no responsibility or authority for altering the laboratory curriculum.

Remain up to date with changes in standards for chemical handling, storage, and disposal.

Report any signs of danger or hazard immediately to Campus Police and supervisor.

Serve on departmental committees where appropriate.

Shop for readily available supplies required routinely for the laboratory program. Maintain accurate records. Assist in maintaining receipts, databases, and monthly budget reports for the laboratories.

Wash glassware, equipment and return to stock. Keep supply cabinets/prep rooms well organized & clean.

Consult the Director of Environmental Health and Safety regarding any laboratory compliance questions/concerns.

Periodically verify that lab experiments are working properly and take corrective action as needed.

Maintain a strong working relationship with vendors. Assist faculty by obtaining quotes, availability and delivery status for items they wish to purchase.

Keep a list of laboratory items needed that can be purchased when the new budget rolls in.

Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications: Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry or Biology. At least 2 years of experience that is directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.

Preferred Qualifications: Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Work Characteristics: Skill in providing guidance and instruction in laboratory protocols and in the safe use of laboratory equipment. Knowledge of experimental procedures, protocols, and preparation techniques within area of specialty. Ability to follow routine verbal or written instructions. Ability to set up, calibrate, operate, and maintain standard laboratory and test equipment. Knowledge of the cleaning specifications of various laboratory and/or medical equipment, fixtures, utensils, and related materials. Ability to maintain quality, safety, and/or infection control standards. Knowledge or related accreditation and certification requirements. Good written and oral communication skills.

Pay Rate: 32,600.00 - 39,120.00 annual salary depending on experience

Posting Date: 9/11/2019

Closing Date:

Open until Filled: Yes

Special Instructions to Applicants:

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the application process. Official transcripts will be required upon hire.

Applicants may be subject to a background check.

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